Trail: Beverley - Children’s Explorer Trail

Turn your mobile device into a virtual time machine and explore historic images from the town’s past. Travel from point-to-point using the app as your guide, and view each old photograph from the location where it was taken!
(Always be careful of your surroundings when using this app, and please keep to the route. Children should be accompanied by an adult).

A Look Down Lairgate

(Our trail begins close to the entrance of the Lairgate Hotel, on Lairgate.  Use ‘View on map’ from the trail’s homepage to reach point ‘1’ and the start of the trail).

Look carefully at the picture, which was taken in the year 1900! Can you see the church in it?  Can you see any differences between the street back then and how it looks today? Does it still look quite similar??

A ‘Ghost’ at the Window?

Look at the men in top hats. They were posing for a picture here in 1861 – one of the very first photographs of the town! The building behind them was called Beverley Bank.  What is it today?  Have the buildings around it changed much?

Now, if you look very carefully at the window above & to the left of the two men in our picture, you might just be able to see someone staring back at you? Spooky! Let’s hope it’s not a ghost!!

Hotel for Hundreds of Years

Across the road you’ll see the Beverley Arms Hotel.  This has been around as a hotel since 1686!  It used to be called the Blue Bell but was re-named 108 years later.  Many of the people who have visited & stayed in the town over the past 330 years will have spent the night in this building.  Look at our historic picture from the early 20th Century – can you see how the hotel has got bigger?  You can tell, because there are more windows nowadays.  How many more can you count??

Band on the Square

Take a look at this old picture, which was taken in 1905.  Can you see how the shops have changed – what’s different about them?  The crowd has gathered to hear the East Yorkshire Regimental Band play at the unveiling of a war memorial.  The Market Place used to be very popular for parades a hundred years ago.  Can you think of any parades that we still have in the Market Place today?  Is the war memorial still here?

See The Cinema

Here we are on the other side of the square.  Notice how many cars there are nowadays! The building with the arched entrance dates back to 1886 and was used as a place to buy & sell corn (Corn Exchange) before it became Beverley’s first ever cinema – The Picture Playhouse’ in 1911!  What is it used for now?

Feet in the Flood

Back in 1912 there was a huge rainstorm which left many streets in Beverley flooded with water, including here at the junction of Toll Gavel & Cross Street.  The children in the picture seem to be enjoying a paddle through the water – let’s hope they took their shoes & socks off!  Have you ever seen the street look as wet as this before?!  

The Elephant

Who would have guessed that an elephant once walked down here on Wednesday Market?!  Well here’s the proof, in this archive picture from 21st June 1901.  This was when Lord George Sanger brought his travelling circus to Beverley.  Can you re-trace the elephants’ steps?  How many differences can you spot in the picture compared to how Wednesday Market looks today?

The Chapel

Look across the road at the shops on the left-hand side.  Now take a look at our old picture from 1908.  What a difference!  The lovely old building in the middle used to be a Methodist Chapel and was built in 1908.  In 1957, they knocked it down to build something new.  What is there now?

The Obelisk

Did you know, an ‘obelisk’ is a tall monument with four sides, ending in a point like a pyramid!  This one in the picture used to stand right here from 1762 until nearly 120 years later in 1881, when it was taken down.  It was a ‘market cross’, which was used to show this as the place where the market was held.  Have you ever seen an obelisk before?  Why don’t you look out for one next time you’re visiting another town?

A Crowded Road

You’re stood right now on Lord Roberts Road.  This road has been here since the year 1909, and the picture shows a group of people gathered here for the opening ceremony to celebrate the road being built.  What do you notice about the clothes some of the people are wearing?  Do people still dress like that today?  What else is different about this picture compared to nowadays?

That’s the end of the trail!  Why not pop in to the Treasure House around the corner for some refreshments and see what it has to offer (go straight on and follow the pavement around past the Magistrate’s Court)