The Lions Sleep Tonight

The Memorial Gardens used to be called Grosvenor Gardens and in 19th Century you could only go in to the gardens if you lived in one of the houses you can see around the outside.

Once the gardens were open to the public anyone was allowed to go in and enjoy the peace and quiet. The lions that are in the garden today originally came from the Criterion Cinema in Hull, but were brought to Hornsea in the early 1970s when the Criterion was knocked down. Where the lions are now, used to be where the old War Memorial was until 2008, when the gardens were changed to feature the War Memorial in the centre of the space.

You can also see wooden trusses from Hornsea’s pier around the edge of the gardens near the lions. The picture you will see shows the old War Memorial where it used to be.

(Image courtesy of Hornsea Civic Society)