Road Block

(Our trail begins on Railway Street, just outside the Pocela Centre, at the mini roundabout.  Use ‘View on map’ from the trail’s homepage to reach point ‘1’ and the start of the trail).

On looking at the historic image of 1903 you can’t fail to notice that it has been taken from a contemporary Christmas postcard!  If you happen to be viewing this during the festive period, then our compliments of the season (if not, then please ignore)!

The modern-day scene is dominated by a very busy mini-roundabout over which traffic almost constantly passes.  Look back at 1903 though, and you can see that this was no place for motor cars, with houses on the left constricting the movement along Grape Lane near the church.

The pedestrians are clearly enjoying being able to wander the roads at leisure without the danger of passing traffic.