Ready To Go

LISTEN: John Cooper, former welder, describes the squads and how they fitted into the construction process

Cook, Welton and Gemmell built 1317 vessels here at Grovehill, mostly trawlers, which went on to travel the world on the high seas.  Here is one example, the ‘Boston Weelsby’.  Built for Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Limited (Grimsby), it was launched 20th March 1961.  As with all vessels built here, the hull of the ship was floated down river to be fitted out at Kingston upon Hull in the yard of C D Holmes Limited.

The ‘Boston Weelsby’ fished in Icelandic waters, but after sustaining serious damage was eventually sold to Irvin Johnson Limited (Cape Town, South Africa) on 19th September 1969.  The ship was eventually scuttled off Robben Island (Cape Town, South Africa) on 26th July 1984.