Paint In The Town

(Our trail begins near the Central Library, on Prospect Street (opposite the Prospect Shopping Centre) and just outside ‘Home Bargains’.  Use ‘View on map’ from the trail’s homepage to reach point ‘1’ and the start of the trail).

Facing north, back in the direction of the Central Library, you can’t fail to notice how this street has been completely redeveloped.  The most interesting difference when viewing this archive image from 1905 is the large industrial chimney in the distance.  This was the premises of Blundell, Spence & Co., paint manufacturer, founded in 1817 and situated on the corner of Beverley Road and Spring Bank.  Unsurprisingly, it is now known as Blundell’s Corner and is home to the offices of the Hull Daily Mail. Despite what you may think, those who remember the factory say it didn’t actually smell that much of paint and varnish around here at the time!