Mission Accomplished

It’s October 1980 in our archive image, and work on the bridge is nearly complete.

The Humber Bridge finally opened to traffic on 24h June 1981 after taking almost 9 years to build (work began in July 1972).  Technical difficulties and poor weather meant it took 4 years longer than originally anticipated, and the final cost of £98 million was £70 million greater than the initial estimated build cost.

However, there can be no doubt that this is a triumph of engineering.  With a centre span of 1410m and a total length of 2220m, the bridge is so long that its design had to accommodate the curvature of the earth, meaning that the north and south towers are 36mm further apart from each other at the top, than at the bottom!

That’s the end of the trail!  You can find out more about the ‘Hidden Histories Of The Humber Bridge’ project at the visitor centre in the Humber Bridge Country Park (please check opening times).