Hornsea History Starts Here

(Our trail begins on Newbegin, outside what is now Hornsea Museum. Use ‘View on map’ from the trail’s homepage to reach point ‘1’ and the start of the trail).

The buildings that now house Hornsea Museum used to be a working farm called Burns’ Farm. The Burns family lived and worked on the farm for nearly 300 years, but now it is a museum that is full of local history and shows you what it might have been like to live in Victorian Times. In 1978 a man called Dr Walker bought the farm buildings and started filling it with things he had collected. With a team of helpers, the museum opened to the public and has been open ever since. The museum is a great place to visit and holds Children’s Craft Mornings and concerts in the gardens.


Use the ‘Camera View’ button and say ‘hello’ to Ruff.