Bronze Age

(Our trail begins at the top of the path leading down into the dyke.  Use ‘View on map’ from the trail’s homepage to reach point ‘1’ and the start of the trail).

See the ‘Picture Challenge’ page on our blog for details of how to enter.

Open ‘camera view’ for this 1906 image as you explore the dyke and see if you can find the spot where this 1906 image was taken.  Take a modern-day snap and share it on Facebook / Twitter (remember to tag @ERArchives ) for a chance to win a prize! Or email it to

‘Danes Dyke’.  Its name hints at the Danes (Vikings) who once invaded the area at the end of the 8th century, but the dyke itself is an ancient ditch or earthwork constructed for defence, and dates at least as far back as the Bronze Age, with arrowheads from that period having been found here.