A Weird Street Name?

A ‘weir’ is a low dam built across a river to regulate its flow so, with no water in sight around here, you can imagine this has caused some confusion as to how this street became known as ‘The Weir’.  Some believe it derives from ‘Westgate’, being on the western edge of the township at the time.  Others say it was named after a flow of water that used to run alongside the street.

So, one might assume that a weir was once here, and therefore, its name’s not as strange as would appear!  Our archive image from 1925 shows a quiet residential street, which you can see has now given way to a more commercialised scene of salons, boutiques, coffee shops & restaurants.

That’s the end of the trail!  Why not visit Hessle Centre to find out more about the town?  Re-trace steps back to Hessle Square.  Turn left and follow the street all the way up to the church.  The Hessle Centre is opposite, on your right.